In Out Shake It All About

I am angry. Angry that all my time is been taken up. Angry that Europe is everywhere. We can’t turn around at the moment without being bombarded from all angles. Whether it’s the EU Referrendum debate or the European Football Championships it’s all that seems to be on the telly and in the press.

I made my mind up a long time ago that I would vote to remain in the EU and no amount of scare tactics can get me to vote Brexit. In my mind it’s a no brainier . Granted I do find it difficult to realise that I am on the same side, supposedly, as a man I hate with a passion but I know it’s the right thing to do for me and my family. However I truly fear that we will not win this referendum. Today’s society is too full of selfish small minded individuals who buy in to the media hype. It is the very people who have been helped by the EU that are shouting the loudest about wanting to leave. These people are the foot soldiers that voted the right wing Tories in people with ideas above their station. People who believe that big business and banking success will somehow be shared with them as long as they ar good peasants and vote leave. To quote from Brassed Off “born bastards stay bastards”.

I feel that Dodgy Dave is not worried in the slightest about the result of the Referrendum. In or out PM or otherwise he will still be filthy rich nothing will change its win win for him. But for us the result is vital. We need to think about our vote, we need to use our vote wisely. Immigration, now there’s a thing. I’m Welsh and for years we have had our way of life changed and our resources stretched by mass migration from England to Wales. Rhyl was once described as a shit hole. A result of dumping lots of people with social problems in a small seaside tourist town with a seasonal economy. Powder keg. Where were these foot soldiers then? Buying our bungalows using our social services and our nhs. Cos it’s okay for them to do this NOT!!!


Please think about your children and the next generation.

Wales is stronger in Europe both the EU and the football