Happy Second Birthday

Today is your official birthday

you chose to wear vivid green

we really couldn’t miss you

That colour was worn to be seen

Your soldiers marched so smartly

in their tunics of bright red

Im sure that you would rather

Have just had a cup of tea in bed

Its not that I’m a republican

I’m not against your clan

But really Phil The Greek

what did you ever see in that man

He’s a miserable old bastard

A bigot and a racist too

In diplomacy and tact

He hasn’t a fucking clue

But all in all I like you

You’re not a bad old dear

Now where’s my OBE?

Ah well , maybe next year









Come to my side
Oh sweet restorer of my soul
Early morning dawn approaching
Sleep is my only goal
Mind is racing
Pounding head
Bring to me
The sleep of the dead
Long, everlasting
Refreshing sleep
Come to me now
As I bitterly weep
For I am lost
And in such pain
Bring me sleep
Make me whole again