It’s the little things

On this, the bank holiday that precedes my birthday me and my partner Sarah have enjoyed a flurry of activity in the entertainment arena.

On Thursday last week we ventured over the hills and far away to the teeming metropolis that is Manchester. The venue was The Bridgewater Hall, the artist was the mighty Bonnie Raitt and her band ably supported by Jarrod Dickenson.

Bonnie Raitt has been on the music scene for many decades but only came on to my radar when my partner Sarah introduced me to her via her Jazz and Blues show. Her rendition of Feels Lke Home has become part of the soundtrack of our relationship and has made it to the top of the ‘songs we must have at our wedding’ list.

Having scoured you tube for Bonnie Raitt recordings and listened to new and old tracks I can safely say that Bonnie is one artist you will want to see live. With an energy and a sassiness that makes a mockery of her 66 years and the powerhouse of a voice that xplodes from her tiny flame haired frame Bonnie Raitt owned that stage that evening. This lady sure gets better with age. Like a fine wine she is rich and seductive, as she effortlessly rides over the band with stunning vocals. But she can also sing ballads. And can she sing them? Hell yeah. The effortless range and the emotion in the singing can make you believe that she’s singing from experience as she conveys the heart of the song with pure simplicity. Her live version of I Can’t Make You Love Me was mesmerising as she pulled the song about in rituendos and rubato that only a skilled musician can do.Bonnie made me love her that evening, for being herself in a world of fakery. She is the real deal.

Some artists disappoint live, but not Bonnie Raitt, she thrived in the live atmosphere and I for one will treasure the memory for a long time.