Small is the new Big

This past week has been a myriad of activity for me and Sarah, my partner in crime. Being students of all things comedy we had a couple of opportunities to indulge in our new found passion.

On Friday last week we travelled to the beautiful town of Llangollen and our monthly fix of comedy at the Llangollen Comedy Club. This monthly fixture is usually compered by Leeds based comic Silky.

This month I was particularly excited to be in Llangollen as it was the first tour date for Canadian Comic Tanyalee Davies. I had previously seen this diminutive mirth meister on Live At The Apollo and had laughed till I cried so to be a ble to see her live was a joy.

Also on the bill that evening was Johnny Pellham and he entertained us with tales about his third (or was it his fourth?) nipple and the strange affliction of walking on tiptoes all the time.

The star of the show was Tanyalee Davies. She came on to the stage full of life and proceeded to deliver 20minutes of observational comedy that made me chuckle and she also challenged people’s preconceived ideas about ‘little people’ the list of no no’s included don’t pat us on the head and don’t pick us up!!! My favourite line was her announcing she was mixed race…….a white woman with a black woman’s booty…complete with actions!!!!!

Tanyalee Davies challenges you and dares you. She challenges you to look again at your prejudice and she dares you not to laugh.

i had the good fortune to meet up with Tanyalee after the show and found her to be a positive and thoughtful person who was quite willing to chat with a fledgling standup like myself. If you get a chance go see her………..she’s a Big Deal and the real deal.










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