There is something of God in all of usqu

Just spent a morning remembering my good friend Tina at her funeral. She had been my friend for 16years and I asked if I could make a tribute to her at her funeral.

Tina’s family are religious in fact her father used to be a Pentecostal Pastor and he and her Mother both attended bible college.

I am a Christian myself, having found God with the help of a Salvation Army Officer back in 2010. As far as organised religion goes however I have a problem.  The lifestyle I choose as a gay woman is not acceptable to most churches. I have been questioned about my sexual preferences, what I do in bed and my ‘sinning’. I have been judged, in fact according to some churches I am an abomination.

They judge me for having a sex life before marriage and even when I did he ‘married’ to my former partner because they did not recognise my marriage the only thing that would be acceptable to them was celibacy.

Now I can take this from individuals who practice celibacy themselves but when heterosexual people who are married and probably having sex tell me I can’t I feel that is totally unfair.

It is true that the bible says one man and one woman and that same sex couples should not sleep together but this has to be taken in context. When the bible was written it was about procreation and increasing the numbers of the state of Israel and as same sex couples could not procreate it was banned.

So taken to its logical conclusion any couple should only have sex if they are going to make babies it is for procreation not enjoyment whether your heterosexual or gay. But if I started telling the heterosexual married couples this there would be uproar……quite rightly so!!! So please all you straight people don’t think you have a God given right to comment on my sexual orientation or who I decide to sleep with or not!!!

At the funeral I spoke about God, my God. The God who brought my beautiful Sarah into my life. The God in who’s image I am created. Taken to its logical conclusion God must have some gay in him too. Are the straights now going to condemn God?

As Christians we need to show that we are Christians through our actions. It’s not about who you do or do not sleep with. It is about your personal relationship with God and the way you incorporate it into your daily living. Religion is devisive and this is because it involves human beings. As humans we are all flawed. That’s why we need God in our lives.

I am lucky I have found a church I can be a part of just as I am. The Quakers accept me as I am and the quiet contemplative meeting for worship suits my needs both personally and spiritually. The Quakers believe that there is something of God in everyone and each person has a role to play and this inclusivity helps me feel happier in my faith.

I try to live my life in a positive Christian way as I believe that by your actions you shall be known. I will not let small minded individuals lead me down a path of living without love……’s really got nothing to do with you. I answer to no one except God and God and I are good……….image






4 thoughts on “There is something of God in all of usqu

  1. Hi Nia,

    Really sorry to hear about your loss. I just stumbled upon your blog. It’s really good to read your message which is so true.

    I can really identify with everything you’ve said, especially having shared with you when you found faith.

    I’m a bit detached from organised religion these days, stuck between a rock and a hard place. I know my calling is to ministry, but since I came out barely anybody from my previous church family has really reached out to me. It’s like I’ve come down with something lethal and contagious.

    My partner is very apathetic to religion too, probably a side effect to the lack of acceptance in some churches.

    God’s nudging me to go back to the Army, and I know that’s what is right for me; I got as close as the doors to my local last week, then had to turn around. I’m scared of the reception I’d get.

    Hopefully, like you, I’ll find the strength some day to find my niche.

    Glad to hear you’ve been doing OK, and really good to read of your experiences.



    1. Dan so good to hear from you. I am glad your calling is to ministry but does it have to be in The Salvation Army. As I see it their stance on gay people is virtually unmovable. I have found the Quakers to be an inclusive and accepting place of worship as they celebrate the God in all of us. It is a place for spiritual growth and sharing. I too have felt the calling to ministry but know that this is not in Churches or organised religion but in living a Christian life and testifying to those who need to hear the message, those who are away from the churches just as Jesus did. My role is to help anyone who wishes to find God. Search your soul and ask What Would Jesus do? And you won’t go far wrong. I wish you well Dan whatever you choose…..keep in touch xxxxx


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