Who is Mwddrwg?

Welcome to my new blog. A space to share with you my random thoughts and musings.

A little about me. I am 45 years old. I live with my partner and seven cats and a budgie in North Wales. I am a qualified Social Worker, a Standup Comedian in training and I am a Serial Volunteer.  I am currently unemployed because of health problems. I have had many jobs in my life. My first paid employment was to peel quails eggs at the local pub from where I graduated to dishwasher. I have also been Head Custodian at a Medieval Castle and have worked for the BBC. My favourite things are my partner, my animals and my large collection of Penguins. I am a Terry Pratchett fan and I am a musician. I play brass instruments and also play the Saxophone. I am currently learning the ukulele……………………….and on and on it goes……………………..

So who or what is Mwddrwg?

Mwddrwg is a Welsh word quite like Hiraeth in as much as it has no literal translation. In essence it means a mischievous and cheeky person who is quite endearing who is basically a pain in the arse but quite harmless. And that dear reader is me I am Mwddrwg personified.

I am a Socialist and a life long Labour voter. I am an admirer of Jeremy Corbyn and hate all Tories (possibly with the exception of fellow Mwddrwg Boris Johnson whose autographed picture I have up in my house) I am gay and a leftie but I am not and never will be a vegan as my relationship with bacon would put even the Prime Minister to shame.

It is 3.30am and I am wide awake considering the European question. My mind is so full of the in out in out debate I just feel like shaking it all about and doing the Hokey Cokey!!!

I do hope you will forgive me for taking my leave now but my bed is calling……have no fear I shall return later with further updates

Take Good Care

Mwddrwg x